Glad you could join me on this journey through the Kaleidoscopic times!

I am documenting my quest to Raise my vibration, connect with my higher self, reconnect with source and the earth. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. I’m aware that increasing my vibration will send a ripple effect to my loved ones, friends, family, colleagues and humanity as a whole and send positivity, love and joy out to everyone. In turn this will help us to evolve spiritually, reintegrate in unity, ascend and move forward into a new awareness of peace and neutrality.
  2. It is my aspiration that anyone reading this may find the information of assistance in their own personal journey.
  3. I believe raising my vibration will help me reconnect with my higher/inner self and I will receive insights, wisdom and messages more readily.
  4. I may find out who I truly am, my passion and my purpose. I would like to make a positive difference no matter how small.

Walk beside me as we navigate spaceship Earth...

To see my updates and how this adventure is progressing visit my latest posts

On my pursuit to raise my frequency I will be choosing daily activities from the Raising Vibration list. This list is a compilation of ideas from various spiritual and self-help teachers. I will be adding to the list as I find more information. To access the Raising Vibration list, click here.

Most of my information will be gathered from online spiritual and self-help teachers. To see a list of those that have contributed to my learning in this journey and their contact information click the Resources page here.